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So gorgeous!

The colour is insane! I have ginger hair and it compliments it so well! Also have thin hair and this makes my ponytails look so much more voluminous 😍 in love

Silky curls

I've been putting my silk vine in even when I just wheb my hair is a little frizzy. A few hours for silky hair with a little wave or overnight for a curl. I also can't stop using the scrunchies that come with it.

My new favourite hair tool!

The silkvine is so easy to use and so effective! I love that you can pop it in before going to bed and wake up ready to go with beautiful curls that have used no heat! I had so many compliments on how shiny my hair was after using it and I’ve already recommended it to all my friends.

SilkVine dream come true!

My SilkVine is everything my hair needed and more! It gives me gorgeous curly hair which is in such great condition because I don’t need to use any heat on it. It’s so simple to use and comfortable to wear to bed. It’s such a staple accessory, everyone should have one 🖤

Good hair day

Love the hair wrap

In love with the colour!

My fourth scrunchie now - in love with the quality and the colour of the sage scrunchie is just gorgeous! Perfect for summer x

Great scrunchies

I love these scrunchies as they’re tight enough to do the job without actually hurting my scalp 👏🏼Great colour selection too. Definitely going to order more!

Olive scrunchie

I am so happy with my order. I have worn it everyday since I got it and love it! The silk quality and workmanship is just brilliant! Would highly recommend.


My preference is to sleep with my hair tied up, however, conventional hair ties tangle up my hair and can be painful when removed. I can now sleep with my hair tied up because this scrunchie is soooo soft and comfortable.
Also, this colour goes with any outfit, I swear!

So soft, the colour is beautiful.

My hair absolutely loves these! The colour is also so cute.


I am literally in love with these scrunchies! They’re not only super cute but also don’t rip out my hair but still hold it in place all day! Love them


So utterly pleased with my scrunchie! The quality of the silk and the workmanship is incredible. I ordered this two days ago and was sent a message almost straight away to say it had been dispatched. The packaging it came in was so sweet with a little personalised note. Can't wait till pay day to buy more! 💜

Silky smooth curls 😍

Since buying this a few months ago I've used it after every hair wash. My hair is naturally quite frizzy and the silkvine really smooths it out overnight and gives me amazing bouncy curls that I absolutely love. Such an effortless effect that looks like you've just come out from the hairdresser's when you roll out of bed!


I’ve been looking for a way to style my damaged hair for months, the silk vine is absolutely amazing! I love how quick it is and I don’t have to spend hours doing my hair on a morning, it’s all ready to go, and the curls stay for days😍 obsessed!

Amazing results

I love my silkvine. It took a few uses to get the knack of wrapping my hair into it but now it gives me soft, bouncy curls which last for a few days. I have poker straight hair so this is unheard of even with heat & product!
The silk is really soft and it's comfortable to sleep in too. I also use the skinny scrunchies to tie my hair up in the day as well as use them with the silkvine.
It would make a lovely gift and is presented beautifully, I highly recommend it for anyone wanting smooth, silky curls.

Absolutely Love! My new go to scrunchies

So in love with the product! I have seen less breakage in my hair since switching to makeupandmane's mulberry silk scrunchies.
The scrunchie keeps my hair tied up all day! It never comes loose or falls out. I would definitely recommend and will be back for more.

Oyster scrunchie

This is so nice and kind to my hair. Doesn’t leave kinky waves when you take it out, which is great. Love the colour as it goes with so many things. Would definitely recommend 🤗

I am in love with my new silk vine! The waves it creates are just beautiful! My hair is thick and frizzy, and the silk really helps to tame the frizz. It is also so easy to put in and so comfortable to wear. I couldn’t be happier!

Absolutely love this scrunchie! I’ve worn it everyday since it arrived. The colour and quality is amazing and it’s a perfect way to make my messy buns look sophisticated. Definitely worth the buy!

Beautiful pure white colour and great quality

Beautifully made and high quality. They withstand exercising and no kinks in your hair after wearing all day!

Could not recommend enough! The neutral shade range is absolutely beautiful, not to mention the amazing quality. These would make the perfect gift for family, friends and even yourself!

I have thin, limp hair, so often struggle to find scrunchies that stay in my hair. I also find when I take them out, half my hair comes out too! However with Makeup and Mane's scrunchie, I tie it round three times, any style, and it stays in place like a dream. It also doesn't tear out my hair when I take it out! The colour is gorgeous, the quality very good, and it's also comfortable to sleep in. Best scrunchie on the market! Couldn't recommend any more - thank you!

This box set is absolutely beautiful! The colour choices are incredible, and the attention to detail with these scrunchies is exquisite. I’ve worn “Champagne” and “Coconut” the most which I find goes really well with blonde hair! Absolutely love them

Classic colour, and a beautifully made scrunchie! Recommend highly!!